Membership Options

Accepting new patients on a limited-membership basis only at this time

Welcome to my practice! In today’s world of insurance driven medical care, providers are expected to see more and more patients every hour in order to generate enough revenue to keep a practice running. This causes patient care to suffer and leads to provider burnout. Providing quality care takes time. By limiting the number of patients in my practice, I can spend more time with each patient without being rushed.  In my model I can give excellent care and I value quality over quantity.  In order to give extra time for every one of my patients, I have created a voluntary membership plan which offers care above and beyond the traditional primary care practice.

In order to stay true to the mission and vision of my holistic Functional Medicine approach to health, I provide unrushed office visits so that each patient gets the time and attention they deserve. The way I practice reflects this commitment to my patients with uncompromised attention, generous appointments and insights from my unending desire to continue to learn.

Being a member of my practice gives you access to personalized, holistic healthcare.  Unlike some conventional medicine providers, I don’t give you five minutes of my time, then write you a prescription, and send you on your way. I don’t take your concerns lightly. I listen. I ask questions. I work together with you to find the solutions to your problems, sharing my knowledge along the way.

Membership Plan Includes:

  • 30/60 minute extended visit times for more thorough visits and annual exams
  • readily available acute urgent sick visits
  • <48 hour cancellation fee is waived for members up to 2 times per year
  • discounts on high quality supplements
Become a Member!

I offer an affordable alternative to the cash model that many Functional Medicine practices have opted to implement. There is a small monthly membership fee depending on the level of care you choose. Not sure? We can discuss at your first appointment.

Primary Care through a Functional Medicine lens
(acute problem visits, annual exams, chronic disease management)

  • $25/month per person
  • $20/month each additional family member

Functional Medicine
(complex health problems)

  • $75/month per person

  • Office visit claims will be submitted to insurance as usual for all appointments.
  • Membership is an out-of-pocket expense. HSA plans may reimburse.
  • Membership will renew on a monthly or annual basis. 30 day cancellation notice.

As your primary care provider, I am committed to providing you the highest quality of care possible, and I look forward to working with each of you along your path of maintaining or improving your health and wellbeing.

In good health and partnership,

Elizabeth Goldberg ARNP PhD IFMCP